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Previsioni Meteo

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How we decant an old bottle

Decanting a wine is a process that always impacts on the tasting. We don't recommend to decant a very old wine because we could loose some flavours created during the long time spent in bottle. Sometimes a wine needs to be decanted if we want to remove the sediment from the bottle. The sediment is naturally produced if the wine was produced without many chemical treatments. Anyway you can enjoy decanting when you want to shorten the time needed to let the wine express all his potential. Here we describe the few steps needed to decant a wine. We stored for long time this beautiful 2007 bottle from Sicily (Passito di Pantelleria) now 14 years old. This Passito have some sediment so is perfet to explain the decanting method. 1 - the first step is to keep the bottle vertical for 24-48 hours in order to let the sediment fall to the bottom. 2 - completed step 1, gently open the bottle without shaking it 3 - slowly pour the wine in a decanter using a light under the bottle. Traditionally

2021 April weather

  Daily temperature Max-Med-Min [°C] highest temp=24,6 °C ( 76,3 °F ) lowest temp= -4,5 °C( 23,9 °F ) mean temp=11,2 C( 52,2°F ) mean of the max=18,5°C( 65,3°F ) mean of the min=4,3°C( 39,8°F )     Max temperature difference = 20,8°C( 36,7°F ) Mean temperature difference = 14,1°C( 25,5°F )    Daily rain [mm] Mean rain=2,09mm Total rain= 62,8 mm    Daily humidity Max - Med - Min Mean humidity=69,9% Mean of the min=44,8%      Mean Solar Radiation [W/m2] Mean value=180,6W/m2