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2020 weather summary

2020 temperature in San Gimignano   Mild March and April allowed an early budding damaged by low temperature. A very hot summer reduced quantity,  July and August had max temp over 35°C that stressed vines. The first decade of September was very hot and dry increasing sugar and reducing quantity. 2020 rain  Total rain=787mm Compared to 2019 it is 23% less Compared to 2018 it is 16% less Compared to 2017 it is 42% more Comparison between last 6 years temperature      

2020 December weather

   Daily temperature Max-Med-Min [°C] highest temp= 18,5 °C ( 65 °F ) lowest temp= -0,8 °C( 30,6 °F ) mean temp= 7,4 °C( 45,4°F ) mean of the max=12,2°C( 54°F ) mean of the min=3,7°C( 38,7°F )   Max temperature difference = 17,3°C( 31,1°F ) Mean temperature difference = 8,5°C( 15,3°F )   Daily rain [mm] Mean rain=4,9mm Total rain= 152,6 mm Daily humidity Max - Med - Min Mean humidity=93,1% Mean of the min=76,4%   Mean Solar Radiation [W/m2] Mean value=43,4W/m2