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Prowein 2016

The event was a big fair and we want to describe our trip by pics:
 the flight to Germany from Italy was done over a sea of clouds
 flying over the Alpi allowed to see the top of the mountains over the clouds  waiting the first dinner with italian water, white wines and beer
 welcome to Prowein, come and visit Italy the Tuscany area with all the DOCG   the 50th anniversary of the DOC Vernaccia di San Gimignano  our wines ready for tasting  the Chianti area with all the seven different denominations  Tuscany area with Consorzio di San Gimignano booth big importers with very important brands from all over Europe

 only 20 producers have been present since the beginning of Prowein and only one from Italy (Falchini from San Gimignano) the fair is done: thousands of empty bottles and many more to send back
Dusseldorf by night  flying back to Italy over the Alpi

2016 February weather

Daily temperature Max-Med-Min [°C] highest temp=21°C mean temp=9.9°C lowest temp=1,3°C

Daily rain [mm] Mean rain=4mm Total rain=115,4mm
Mean Solar Radiation [W/m2] Mean value=74 W/m2