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2020 June weather

Daily temperature Max-Med-Min [°C] highest temp=33,7°C (92,7°F) lowest temp=8,5°C(47,3°F) mean temp=20,2°C(68,4°F) mean of the max=28°C(82,4°F) mean of the min=13°C(55,4°F)

Max temperature difference = 20,2°C(36,4°F) Mean temperature difference = 14,5°C(26,1°F)

Daily rain [mm] Mean rain=3,85mm Total rain=115,4mm

Daily humidity Max - Med - Min Mean humidity=75% Mean of the min=44%

Mean Solar Radiation [W/m2] Mean value=287W/m2

2020 May weather

Daily temperature Max-Med-Min [°C] highest temp=29°C (84,2°F) lowest temp=6°C(42,8°F) mean temp=18,2°C(64,9°F) mean of the max=25,5°C(77,8°F) mean of the min=11,2°C(52,3°F)

Max temperature difference = 21,6°C(38,9°F) Mean temperature difference = 14,2°C(25,5°F)

Daily rain [mm] Mean rain=1,46mm Total rain=45,4mm

Daily humidity Max - Med - Min Mean humidity=69,6% Mean of the min=42,5%

Mean Solar Radiation [W/m2] Mean value=248W/m2

2020 April weather

Daily temperature Max-Med-Min [°C] highest temp=25,3°C (77,5°F) lowest temp=-3,3°C(26,1°F) mean temp=13,5°C(56,4°F) mean of the max=21,5°C(70,7°F) mean of the min=5,7°C(42,4°F)

Max temperature difference = 22,3°C(40,1°F) Mean temperature difference = 15,2°C(27,4°F)

Daily rain [mm] Mean rain=1,5mm Total rain=45mm

Daily humidity Max - Med - Min Mean humidity=62,2% Mean of the min=35,6%

Mean Solar Radiation [W/m2] Mean value=232W/m2

2020 March weather

Daily temperature Max-Med-Min [°C] highest temp=23,4°C (74,1°F) lowest temp=-3,9°C(25°F) mean temp=9,5°C(49,2°F) mean of the max=16,2°C(61,1°F) mean of the min=3,6°C(38,6°F)

Max temperature difference = 21,3°C(38,3°F) Mean temperature difference = 12,5°C(22,5°F)

Daily rain [mm] Mean rain=1,99mm Total rain=61,8mm

Daily humidity Max - Med - Min Mean humidity=74,9% Mean of the min=47,3%

Mean Solar Radiation [W/m2] Mean value=148W/m2

2020 February weather

Daily temperature Max-Med-Min [°C] highest temp=20,3°C (68,5°F) lowest temp=-2,3°C(27,9°F) mean temp=9,6°C(49,3°F) mean of the max=16,4°C(61,6°F) mean of the min=3,5°C(38,4°F)

Max temperature difference = 18,0°C(32,4°F) Mean temperature difference = 12°C(21,7°F)

Daily rain [mm] Mean rain=0,74mm Total rain=21mm

Daily humidity Max - Med - Min Mean humidity=77,1% Mean of the min=48%

Mean Solar Radiation [W/m2] Mean value=112W/m2

2020 January weather

Daily temperature Max-Med-Min [°C] highest temp=18,5°C (65,3°F) lowest temp=-2,7°C(27,1°F) mean temp=6,9°C(44,6°F) mean of the max=13,8°C(57,0°F) mean of the min=2,1°C(35,8°F)

Max temperature difference = 18,8°C(33,8°F) Mean temperature difference = 11,7°C(21,2°F)

Daily rain [mm] Mean rain=1,58mm Total rain=49mm

Daily humidity Max - Med - Min Mean humidity=86,8% Mean of the min=62,4%

Mean Solar Radiation [W/m2] Mean value=70,6W/m2

Our winery was featured in
We are stoked to announce that Campochiarenti was listed as one of the must-
see wineries in Tuscany in an article.

The article, Toscana
Italiens främsta vinområde
was published in, a major food and wine magazine in the
Scandinavian country of Sweden. Check out the article and have a good read.

The offer to be a part of the article came through our latest collaboration with We listed our
winery in their website which is dedicated to providing a platform for wineries and wine lovers from different
corners of the world to connect in one place and create a convenient and memorable winery visit experience.

Check out our profile of Campochiarenti
in the website.

We shared our winery visit itinerary which you can view beforehand and decide to join us on your next trip to
Tuscany. The different activities that you can
be a part of and the wines you will taste in our tasting room are also already avai…

2019 weather summary

2019 temperature in San Gimignano A very hot summer delayed grapes maturation: June, July and August had max temp over 35°C that stresses vines.

2019 rain  Total rain=1019mm Compared to 2018 it is 9% more Compared to 2017 it is 85% more

Comparison between last 5 years temperature

Mean temperature

Max temperature

Min Temperature

2019 December weather

Daily temperature Max-Med-Min [°C] highest temp=17,6°C (63,7°F) lowest temp=-3,8°C(25,2°F) mean temp=8,7°C(47,7°F) mean of the max=14,6°C(58,3°F) mean of the min=4°C(39,3°F)

Max temperature difference = 16,9°C(30,4°F) Mean temperature difference = 10,5°C(19°F)

Daily rain [mm] Mean rain=4,25mm Total rain=132mm

Daily humidity Max - Med - Min Mean humidity=85,7% Mean of the min=60,7%

Mean Solar Radiation [W/m2] Mean value=60,2W/m2