2018 weather summary and comparison in San Gimignano

2018 temperature: 
Winter was cold with min temp below 0°C in November, December, February and March, while January was unusually warm. Low temp was able to kill olive trees disease, and this so important for us because we don't us any poison.
No frost in April, so our vines could start growing with no damages.
June and July were hot but luckily max temp not passed 39°C.

2018 rain:
Winter was rainy and so was May but summer was very dry until the first decade of August, when the rain increased berries size.
Total rain was 937mm
Comparing to 2017 total rain is 170%.

Comparison between the last 4 years.

mean temperature 

2018 was colder in winter but warmer in April but the low March temp allowed an almost standard budding time. Summer temp was very close to 2017 explaining the low production also if slightly increased because of the August rain.

min temperature 

Winter low temp (below 0°C) in 2017 and 2018 with high summer 2017 temp is the reason of the olives tree damages that reduced Tuscany production in 2018.

max temperature 

High temp from May to August stressed vines, the season was not easy to have grapes and required a lot of hand work in order to have wonderful grapes in cellar. 
Olives production was reduced in all Tuscany but oil was excellent.


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