2018 October weather

Daily temperature Max-Med-Min [°C]
highest temp=29,2°C (84,6°F)
lowest temp=5,8°C(42,4°F)
mean temp=16,5°C(61,8°F)
mean of the max=24,2°C(75,5°F) mean of the min=10,8°C(51,4°F)

Max temperature difference = 20,2°C(36,4°F)
Mean temperature difference = 13,3°C(24,1°F)

Daily rain [mm]
Mean rain=3,96mm
Total rain=118,8mm

Daily humidity Max - Med - Min
Mean humidity=77,4%
Mean of the min=46,7%

Mean Solar Radiation [W/m2]
Mean value=126 W/m2


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