2017 weather summary and comparison

2017 temperature: 
it is easy to see that winter was cold with min temp below 0°C, most of all April had an unusual decreasing of the min temp with frost and big damages in vineyard.
med temp were high and so the max temp until the end of August (dry summer), then decreased in fall.

2017 rain: starting from April to the end of August we had very low rain that is the main reason of the low production in 2017. The total rain of the year is 551mm

Comparison of the mean temperature of the last 3 years.
2017 had lower temp in January but higher in March, this is the reason of the early budding, then summer was dry with higher temp than usual from May to August, this is another factor for low production.
2017 min temperature: higher temp in March and lower in April are the reason of the frost damages, June and July had low temp with a big difference from max and min temp, very good for quality.
2017 max temp: high temp in March was the main reason for the early budding, then very high temp during summer. Temp in the range of 35-40°C are critical for vines and grapes growing.


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